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Battle for Azeroth Raid Sales

Mythic Eternal Palace now available!

1/8M: 750K

2/8M: 1.5M

3/8M: 2M

4/8M: 2.5M

5/8M: 3.25M

6/8M: 4.5M

Please inquire for individual bosses.

Mythic Jaina Mounts now available!

Jaina w/ mount: 3M

All runs are personal loot. Bring coins, as we cannot guarantee anything will drop at any given point because of RNG.


A 20% gold deposit must be made before the run and will be refunded if we cannot fulfill the run. We only accept in-game gold.

Gold accepted on:



If you have any questions, or to book a run, contact Tolun (Dan#1389) or Bella (Uruviel#1474)